Terry at Circolo Tennis Eur, Rome

My passion for red clay courts is well known but it took a speculative trip to Europe late in 2009 to blend that passion with the ability to bring the real thing to Australia. It was the first time I had walked into a tennis club in Europe without the intention of playing tennis. The sole aim was to find out the answer to the question that had plagued me for so long.

Why were their clay courts so superior?

The answer proved to be simply, but without question, in the material used to construct the courts.

However not all red clays are the same.

As chance would have it, I found TERRE DAVIS, a highly repected material supplier based in Cremona Italy. My passion for the surface could now be complimented by a company who had an equivalent pride in their product.

TERRE DAVIS was founded in 1975 and currently supplies materials to many prestigious clubs in Europe and beyond including Monte Carlo Country Club and Foro Italico in Rome.
Until I made contact with them, they had never dreamed that their surface could be laid in Australia. We are now unshakeable partners with a mutual respect for each other.
My association with TERRE DAVIS has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I feel extremely fortunate and proud to be their Australian distribution agent.



Terry Rocavert: his name is so familiar with a passion for red clay. A high level tennis player looking for a proven product to build clay tennis courts with in Australia.
Destiny led him to us. We have been producers of red clay tennis courts since 1975 and are proud to present our solid tradition and evidence of thousands of tennis courts built all over the world. We couldn’t have found a more diligent partner. His tennis experience together with his strong will has brought to reality what to most people, including us at the beginning, seemed just a dream. The product itself brings with it years of European tradition together with a unique combination of raw materials, production techniques and Quality and Environmental Certifications. We wish Terry and his dream, which is now ours as well, all the success it deserves. We fully trust his technical knowledge and together with his curiosity, we have found the perfect partner to start spreading the ancient European tradition of red clay courts in Australia.
There is one whole world between us….. But an incredibly strong common aim.
We will follow you one step behind. Good luck Terry!
Anna Garavelli
Sales Manager TERRE DAVIS