Player Development

Australia is fast becoming a more clay court focused nation. Recent decades have seen a
dominance of European players; 83 players in the top 100 men and 87 players in the top 100 women are currently from clay court backgrounds.

Tennis Australia has taken a hands-on approach in recent years, committing funds to research and development, trialing a number of clay court surface options and eventually laying Terre Davis clay courts in three states, including at their premiere centre, Melbourne Park, to improve player access to clay.

Playing characteristics
All the features needed in a high quality clay court are found in the TERRE DAVIS product:

This surface allows players to maintain balance when moving. Players are able to utilise a
controlled slide and change direction comfortably. Movement skills are enhanced

The ball bounces slower and higher requiring players to learn patience, the ability to hit the
ball from shoulder height and above.

When the ball is hit with top spin it will lift off the surface, alternatively when hit with slice it will “stick” staying lower but not shoot as it does on other surfaces. Over time a wider range of shots and greater imagination is developed.

(Terry Rocavert is a former top 100 player and was the first-ever State Coach appointed in Australia, working as State Coach of NSW for 9 years of NSW. He has coached a number of great Australian tennis players: Todd Woodbridge, Jason Stoltenberg, Rachel McQuillan)